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Southwest GA peanut-field

Peanut fields and pine forests grace the land of our Southern heritage, which helps make the south west area of Georgia an annual hunting location of choice.
There are lots of hunting preserves located in Southwest Georgia which cater to Quail hunts. Thus, the area is often called the Quail Hunting Captital of the World. But the hunting doesn’t stop with just quail. Each fall, hunters from all parts of the US flock in to hunt the White Tailed Deer. For some, Southwest GA has become a second home!

This part of Georgia has been known by many titles as you have noticed. The southwestern part of the Peach State is sometimes called “Peanut Capital of the World” and “Quail Hunting Capital of the World”.

There is still one more! One of the many crops grown in this part of the state has given it yet another title, “Watermelon Captital of the World”. The city of Cordele has even built a festival around the theme.

Southwest Georgia is known as the Georgia Southern Rivers Region and includes sections of the state that are known as Presidential Pathways and Plantation Trace.
Southwest Georgia is home to the 39th President of the United State, Jimmy Carter. His hometown of Plains Georgia, located in Sumter County, is one of the area’s most famous tourist attractions.
While in the Georgia Southern Rivers Region, people often visit Providence Canyons, also known as Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon. Providence Canyons is located in Stewart County.

This southern part of Georgia is filled with antebellem home elegance and small town culture. Not many areas can compete with the beautiful historic homes that are located in Southwest Georgia.

Southwest Georgia has always been noted for it’s festivals and special events… like Arts & Craft shows, BBQ cookoffs, Old Time Country Fairs, and so much more.
Many Festivals have been popular in Southwest Georgia for a number of years.
Thomasville’s Rose Show and Festival, Richland Georgia’s Pig Fest, and Cordele’s Watermelon Festival are among some the most popular.
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